Who Will Be the Ravens’ Go-To Receiver in 2008?


There’s much talk in the city regarding the Baltimore Ravens’ quarterback situation, and rightfully so. A town that’s never boasted a reliable starting quarterback deserves to clamor about regarding the new age movement at the position.

But at some point, that question will be answered and a new question will take its place; who will be the team’s go-to receiver? The obvious answer would be a tested veteran, and quickly lends itself to the portfolio of Todd Heap.

But while he’s been one of the most talented tight ends in the NFL, he’s also been among its most injured. There are no statements from him or from the team that indicate he is back to 100 percent. Don’t be surprised if this season, Todd Heap is again sidelined for a considerable amount of games.

And then there’s Derek Mason. The most reliable of the receiving corp, Mason led the team in catches, receiving yards and touchdowns in 2007. But Mason is also the oldest member of the corp, and the potential to lose a step is present in the minds of those clamoring for an offensive outbreak in 2008.

Mark Clayton and Demetrius Williams offer the best potential for big play output, but have been limited in their opportunities by subpar quarterback play.They combined for 68 catches and 821 yards receiving, but zero touchdowns in 2007. Hard to gauge individual ability in such a small amount of exposure.

So what’s the answer? It’s a veritable toss-up, but the nod goes to Derrick Mason. There’s no telling the true scope of Heap’s injuries, and the tandem of Clayton and Williams just haven’t had the chances to show what they are all about. Look for Mason to continue being a deep threat for the Ravens, along with his ability to be a possession receiver.