Can Pre-Season Injuries Pay Dividends For the Ravens This Season?


You gotta be here to believe it, but the Ravens are dropping like flies in the Harbaugh era of training camp. It begs the question of whether pro football training camps need to be so lengthy, in tandem with a four game pre-season schedule.

But for the Ravens, the injuries may pay off big in the latter stages of the season. Despite bad shoulders and sprained ankles dotting the defensive units and the offensive line, none of the injuries appear to be serious enough to miss regular season time.

And that could bode well for veterans needing the extra rehab for the brand of high intensity football the team plays.

Most football players deal with injuries they sustained in high school and college that they never fully recovered from. Two-a-days in blistering heat may build camaraderie and respect for the new head coach, they aren’t the best medicine for athletes fighting the urge to go through the motions.

Hopefully, what we’re seeing from injured vets is a step towards health and intensity to come in the latter parts of the regular season.