What We Learned From the Ravens’ First Preseason Game


Absolutely nothing.

Offense – Kyle Boller didn’t look particularly sharp, Troy Smith, who will get the start next week against the Minnesota Vikings, didn’t look sharp, and Joe Flacco was left looking up at the sky in limited action.

Field goals are still the flavor of the month offensively, and the running game never quite hit the ground running. Ray Rice, in a starting role for the injured Willis McGahee, was limited by the New England Patriots defense and limited carries.

The fact that the Ravens won is much more remarkable than what we saw out of the offense in Game 1.

Defense – Same as it always is. Fast to the ball, but prone to big plays due to gambles for turnovers. Last night’s contest paid off for the Ravens, to the tune of two interceptions by Fabian Washington and four team sacks. But for all of their fury, the defense still doesn’t have the sustainability necesary for four quarters of football. Holding a 16-6 lead late in the third quarter, the Ravens only emerged victorious on a great defensive effort by free agent signee Brendan Ayanbadejo on a two point conversion late in the fourth.

Coaching – John Harbaugh seemed to have good control of the team, and Cam Cameron is definitely an upgrade from Brian Billick. Once this offense gels, they should have some big-play capability.

Overall Grade – C-