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Should the Baltimore Ravens Run a Wishbone Offense?


Despite several valiant attempts, the Baltimore Ravens still do not have a starting quarterback. There’s nothing in practice that has distanced fan hopeful Troy Smith from beleaguered veteran Kyle Boller or rookie Joe Flacco.

All we have is untimely interceptions, great defense and a great rushing attack that hasn’t even featured starter Willis McGahee this preseason.

So when do the Ravens transition from wishing to wishbone- as in the wishbone offense that the nearby Naval Academy football team runs?

I know it seems about as plausible in the NFL as running the option, given the speed of defenders at the pro level. But the Ravens’ offensive line is known for more run blocking than pass protection, and that has been obvious in the Ravens two preseason games that have yielded more pressure on the quarterback than a little bit.

We know the Ravens have two solid running backs in McGahee and Ray Rice, and a bonafide stud in new fullback Lorenzo Neal. Would it be such a crazy concept to throttle teams with a multi-drectional running attack, in which passing is only used as a surprise tactic? Sure, it would look strange, but would it help the Ravens win games? Absolutely.

Annapolis isn’t that far away from Baltimore, and if the Ravens were to even tinker with the idea of the wishbone, they might be further along in a credible offense than they currently are.