Calling Up Casey Bramlet


We join the action with 9:58 in the second quarter, and Casey Bramlet at quarterback?

Casey who?

Bramlet, a 2004 seventh-round draft pick of the Cincinatti Bengals has touchdown in Baltimore, after a potentially season-ending injury to Kyle Boller left quarterbacking duties to rookie Joe Flacco and Troy Smith, who will miss the game due to tonsilitis.

Bramlet promptly comes in, and learns the way of Ravens passing. His first pass is a 21-yard strike to tight end Daniel Wilcox, and his second pass got picked off in the red zone.

But Bramlet gets a pass on a number of fronts. Primarily, he comes in for spot duty straight out of the airport after being released by the San Diego Chargers yesterday. Secondly, Bramlet is the truest definition of journeyman, having appeared on the roster of six teams in just two seasons in the league. That pass will only get him so far, as the logic behind bringing him in was his familiarty with Cam Cameron’s offense from a stop with the Miami Dolphins last season.

So…how are we feeling about Trent Dilfer right about now?