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Is Ed Reed’s Career in Jeopardy?


A local columnist compared Ravens’ saftey Ed Reed to a would-be Baltimore Orioles-great, Glen Davis in a blog post this morning. And while you would hope that the neck and shoulder nerve problems that have sidelined Reed for the entire preseason are not serious enough to end his career, you have to wonder in the face of several factors.

Well, really only two. Tom Zbikowski and Haruki Nakamura.

The drafting of two college standout safeties, at the very least, conveys the Ravens trying to protect the interest of defensive continuity. In the preseason, both Zbikowski and Nakamura made their share of plays, from interceptions to big hits, and special teams coverage.

So you have to wonder if the proof was in the system for Reed, or in the ability? By far, Reed is more athletic than Zbikowski and Nakamura. He is known throughout the league for his range and intuition on throws and blitzing. But while it wold take a while for Zbikowski and Nakamura to develop that intuition, they are certainly playing above expectations when given the opporutnity.

You hope for the best for a player like Ed Reed, but is it a stretch to say that the Ravens may have moved on without him?