Ocho Cinco’s Conference Call


Chad Johnson, or Chad Ocho Cinco if you believe published reports that he hasn’t yet confirmed, is known for his hilarious conference calls leading up to game between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Baltimore Ravens.

So it should come as no surprise that the Ravens’ season-opener with the Bengals has more bulletin board material than Staples as a result of Johnson/Ocho Cinco’s words of wisdom. While he had some extremely positive things to say about Ray Lewis and Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis, the rest of the defense was not so fortunate.

Here are some highlights.

On Bart Scott:

“The last time we played, he [Scott] cussed me out and told me to stay out of his huddle, and I took offense to that, so this Sunday I am going to hit him in the mouth,” Johnson said. “He’s really rude.”

On Dawan Landry:

“He’s always trying to be a he-man when there’s a running play.”

On Ray Lewis:

“Ray is really the reason I’m happy, smiling and ready to go again…He had me thinking about how I got to where I’m at, the things I went through, understanding the blessing it is to be where I am. There are millions of people that wished they were in my shoes doing what I do,” Johnson said. “He told me to get back out here and smile all the time.

“It’s worked for me.”

On Marvin Lewis

“In the offseason, Coach Lewis did what he had to do because I was like a child who ran away from home. I was out of line…When I’m out of line, he’s going to discipline me. He’s going to stand up for this team and do what’s right by them. I didn’t leave him any choice.”