Where’s Willis McGahee?


With a mildly-huge game coming up against the Houston Texans this weekend, one question is on the minds of most Ravens’ fans:

Where’s Willis McGahee?

He was in uniform for the Ravens’ romp over the Cincinnati Bengals last Sunday, but could only watch as Ray Rice and Le’Ron McClain chewed up yards in their season opener. This weekend, however, may be a different story.

“I want a full workload, but that’s something the coaches have to figure out,” he said.

I would expect that John Harbaugh and the Ravens’ coaching staff would prefer to bring McGahee along slowly, and even in a reduced role throughout the season. Just one year removed from a pro-bowl appearance, and with local expectations ranging around 6-9 wins on the season, the team could afford to have McGahee split carries with Rice and McClain, and not bear a heavy load of criticism.

And, if the Ravens perform above expectations, limited carries could mean a fresher McGahee for any potential post-season play.

It’s entirely possible that we were bamboozled by the porous Bengal defense, but it doesn’t take away from the job the Ravens’ offensive line and backfield put together. Should this unit hold together for the first half of the season, adding McGahee in a limited yet effective role may pay off big for the Ravens.