Michael Phelps Phever Cools off the Ravens


Since no one can seem to figure out why the Ravens have dropped two in a row, and the magic of Joe Flacco has worn off like he bathed in the Harbor, there’s only one thing left to point to for blame in this situation.

Michael Phelps.

Parades, television specials, and no Carmelo Anthony in sight have rendered the Ravens absolutely moot. Michael Phelps Phever reared its head in Charm City last week for the Olympians “official celebration weekend.” Needless to say, the energy that went to Phelps seems to have drained the life out of the Birds.

I’d love to say that more cowbell could fix this problem, but its going to take a lot more than a classic line from Christopher Walken to solve the mystery of the sputtering special teams and the bend-and-still break defense. Yamon Figurs hasn’t had a meaningful big return yet, and the defense, while top five in the league, still has the propensity to give up some plays for long yards, particularly via the pass.

But there’s hope for the Ravens yet. After all, their Super Bowl winning season had them with an overall record of 12-4, and a five-game stretch without an offensive touchdown. They’re halfway to the losing threshold, and have scored fewer than 17 points only once this season.

In other words, the Ravens wil be okay. As long as Michael Phelps is not around.