How the Colts Crushed the Ravens


So where do you want to start with how the Ravens got destroyed by the Colts? Should it be the play calling? Could be, but there’s a problem when you have to account for interceptions from your rookie quarterback.

What about the running game? Or the lack thereof?

The defense….Well, the defense is that pesky thing that sustains with every other team, but seems to have lapses in effectiveness against the Colts. The last time the Ravens gave up a touchdown in the first quarter was last season against the Colts. The first time this season, the Colts went off for three TDs.

But what determines how the Ravens lost ultimately comes down to what usually causes losses for this team. Ineffective running, and a lack of pressure on the quarterback.

The front four, the linebackers and even members of the secondary were stymied at the line of scrimmage. That’s possibly due to Peyton Manning’s consistent air attack to Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison all afternoon, with bombs being lobbed at poor Corey Ivy and and Frank Walker.

And the usual suspect in giving up long pass plays, Chris McAlister.

The season is not awash for the Ravens yet, but this is the second week where Flacco seems to have regressed in his decision making and execution. Perhaps its the level of competiiton, perhaps its film being collected on Cam Cameron’s offense. Whatever it is, it should be something the team can fix with a steady balance of good run block schemes, and intermediate passing routes that can go for YAC by the speedy receivers and backs.

And, defense that plays “meet me at the ball” on every down.