Ravens Get Live Without the Live Blog


They say football is a religion, and too many people, I would guess that to be true. Unfortunately, my religion asks me to give of my time outside of worship, and I happily oblige.

So that’s the story behind the lack of live blog today. I was in church for most of the afternoon.

But I did have access to the scores and stats on my phone, which means that I was completely tuned into the Ravens’ big win over the Miami Dolphins. I’m currently reliving the action courtesy of DVR, but it was clear from the mobile that the Ravens got their swagger back in Miami this afternoon.

You could tell it was going to be a different kind of afternoon for the Birds when Matt Stover capped the opening drive with a 47-yard field goal, a feat he had not accomplished through five games and three tries prior. Before his good boot, the Ravens defense came out plenty aggressive, and the offense came out plenty focused.

Both are always necessary if these Ravens want to score points and win games. They can ill-afford to coast and lean on one aspect of the game, they need both to have a chance.

The Wildcat offense, which had befuddled many opponents in prior weeks, was reduced to a purring non-threat by the Raven pressure at the line of scrimmage. Offensively, Jump Off Joe regained the pop in his arm, completing passes to six different receivers for 232 yards and a touchdown.

And most importantly, no interceptions.

But the most important stat of the game was 100 yards – the rushing total for Willis McGahee. It was his first 100 yard game of the season, and it came on 19 carries. That means the the line protected Flacco and they pushed it hard for the running backs.


Its not that the Dolphins were elite competition, but considering that the Ravens lost to a Dolphins squad in 2007 that was an overtime away from the worst record in NFL history, it’s a much needed win for a team still trying to find its groove.