Chris McAlister and John Harbaugh at Odds?


Chances are, Mike Preston’s Monday blog entry has some validity to it. In it, he comments on Chris McAlister’s benching, and Harbaugh’s need to never back down from veteran players,

But then you stop and realize that Preston has long been jealous/angry/enamored with Baltimore’s pro football team, and you pay out his commentary the grain of salt that it is worth. Maybe McAlister is having attitude problems, and maybe Preston has enough access to find out about them.

But the truth is that this is nothing new to the Ravens. Sure, he’s known to give up big plays, drive drunk, and has a personal relationship with Optimus Prime, but you would be hard pressed to find a cornerback that matches up well with speedy and big receivers.

It’s the first year of the John Harbaugh era. Until last week, the Ravens had dropped three straight in lame fashion. Preston says he wouldn’t be surprised if GM Ozzie Newsome was involved in the McAlister-Harbaugh beef, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Harbaugh had beef with several players on the roster.

Bottom line: Harbaugh has changed the culture for the better with the Ravens franchise. McAlister is an integral part of that culture. Growing pains will happen, but out of it will grow a more competitive team with veterans leading the way.

It would seem a veteran “reporter” would get the gist on that.