And We’re Back


Sorry for such a long delay in posting, but we had a few things to take care of on the home front. Nothing bad, of course, but graduate school, marriage, and working out can take its toll on a brother. Especially when they are all going down simultaneously.

Anyway, the good news is that the live blog will be back on today for the Ravens-Browns game. You can look forward to plenty of trash talk about Jamal Lewis, curses against Derek Anderson, and polls on just how metrosexual Brady Quinn is.

But the business is that the Ravens are flying kind of high right now. They had a huge win over the Raiders last week, but it can only be but so huge because it the Raiders. The Browns are as up and down as they come. They can look like garbage one week, and throttle the Super Bowl champs and an AFC contender in other weeks. I’m taking this game as lightly as a serving of jumbalaya at the Cheseecake Factory. Serious business, ladies and gents.

The team was pretty quiet this week. No inflammatory comments out of Terrell Suggs about bounties or Joe Flacco, no new developments on McAlister v. Harbaugh, and the media was pretty tame. I guess Joe Flacco catching passes from Troy Smith will do that to a city.

So enough about the recap stuff. Let’s all meet back here around 1:00 for the live blog. It’ll be just like old times, me blogging solo for the first half, and then some stragglers coming in from Iowa and other places to find out what the score of the game is.

Except for you, Benji. You my main man.