Steelers Game Review *and* Pro Bowlers


This post is coming way late, but it’s here.

The game was just plain lost by the Ravens, in my opinion.  Letting a mediocre-ish offense drive 92 yards on your defense, one of the best in the league is really, really bad.  The Prevent defense the Ravens were using with their #1 cornerback during the game, Fabian Washington on the sidelines.  I will admit, I felt the refs made a few calls (cough* first down spots) that put the Ravens in unfavorable situations, but I also have to admit I felt the call of touchdown was correct.  Argue if you must, but Holmes’ feet looked like they were down when he had full possession.  Sam Koch had a great game, and his punt to the 8 could’ve put the game away.  The offense, especially Le’Ron McClain and the o-line did what they could against the league’s #1 defense.  Jim Leohnard had an amazing game returning punts, and contradicting what I just said, the offense could never capitalize on good field position.  The crowd was into it, and there was no reason the Ravens should’ve lost this game.

On a different topic, the Ravens have 5 pro bowlers, 4 of them starting.  On offense, Le’Ron McClain is the starting fullback, the most obvious choice in the AFC, and hopefully a continual source of yards and TD’s for the ground game.  On defense, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, and Terrell Suggs represent the Ravens.  Lewis and Reed are starting, and Suggs is the backup to Joey Porter and James Harrison at OLB, both of whom have had unbelievable years.  Brendan Ayanbadejo is the Special Teamer, a role he deserves, in his 4th consecutive appearance, after 3 with the Bears.  Congrats to the Ravens pro bowlers and to everyone who voted, good for you.