Ravens-Cowboys: Looking Back (ON A WIN!!!)


Wow.  Incredible and totally unpredictable game.  What the Ravens showed me today is that they can win in any situation they need to.  The game started out as a low scoring hard-nosed affair, but turned out to be a no-defense, big play game in the 2nd half.   Flacco had a QB rating of 96.9, great for playing against the NFL’s leader in team (and in Demarcus Ware‘s case, individual) sacks.  Leron McClain had 139 yards on 22 carries, and Willis McGahee had 108 yards on 8 carries.  McClain’s TD was the longest and most important run of his career, and saved a game that was about to be lost.  

For some reason, and I don’t know why, maybe it’s the lack of a true shutdown corner right now, but the defense cannot defend the pass for its life in the 4th quarter.  Maybe it’s having Dewan  Landry out, I don’t know, but it needs to stop come playoff time.  Now the Ravens control their own destiny, all they have to do is smother David Garrard, MJD and the always lame Fred Taylor, and they’re the 6th seed in the AFC.  How good is the AFC this year if a top 5 or 8 NFL team in most power rankings barely make the playoffs, and multiple 11-5 and 10-6 teams don’t make it?  Way too good.  

Ed Reed had another two interceptions.  BEST SAFETY IN THE NFL.  Don’t let Sally “The Scary Girl” Polamalu scare you, Reed is the real deal.  I’m just blabbing now. My purple rice krispie treats got burnt.  I cried a little, and then wrapped them as a gift, and put them in the mailbox addressed to the Steelers front office.  No I didn’t actually do that.  I was just joking.  

The Dolphins are playing the Chiefs tommorow.  Go Tyler Thigpen!  The Patriots are playing the Cardinals.  Don’t be surprised in Junior Seau finds himself uncomfortably matched up with Anquan Boldin, and can’t get any credit with him for being at Woodstock.  Kurt Warner will then come over to Seau and they’ll start to sing songs by Country Joe & The Fish, or whatever they were called.

Huzzah!  The Ravens have won!