Looking Back on The Season


First off, Happy Holidays everyone.

Now, when we look back on this season, even it it ends up disappointing with no playoff appearance, this could be the best season in Ravens history (minus one super exception.)  Coming into the year with no clear cut QB, an out of shape running back, an aging defense and a new coaching staff, expectations were 8-8, maybe even 9-7, with no shot at a playoff berth.  When Joe Flacco was basically forced in as the starter, those expectations dropped a few wins.  Flacco’s been excellent, the city has fallen in love with John Harbaugh, the draft was a monster success, and a new presence on offense (Le’Ron McClain) and a welcome newcomer on defense (Fabian Washington) have rounded out this underdog roster.  

We always knew the defense was there, but who would’ve thought in the second half of the year, after the cupcake games vs Oakland and such, that the Ravens would lead the NFL in scoring offense for an extended amount of time?  Who would’ve thought the Ravens go 11-5 and make the playoffs and are considered a top 5 NFL team?  Who would ever think Joe Flacco would be mentioned in the same breath as great rookie QB’s like Dan Marino?  No one.  No one ever would’ve thought any of that.

So after all the surprises and ups and downs, the Ravens have been the AFC’s Falcons.  Coming off a dissapointing, fan-losing season, a team with a rookie QB and a new coach would go on a cinderella run to the playoffs.  The Ravens have been the highlight of my year so far. Saturday night’s game, even though I only saw the second half, that game was the most satisfying I’ve ever had as a Ravens fan.

If MJD runs all over the Ravens D, and something happens that would 1 out of every 1,000 times and the Ravens lose this Sunday, I’ll be just fine.  This season has been incredible.

Just remember: Last year the Dolphins were 1-15, beating a certain team in Baltimore.  This year they’re 10-5, and a certain team from Baltimore beat them.  I’d call that an improvement