The Ravens’ Playoff Chances


So first off, this is my last day in California, more constant posting will happen when I return home.  Now for the good stuff.

First game: vs Dolphins.  I think the Dolphins have been playing incredibly since the Ravens beat them, but that was a poor effort by Flacco and the Ravens’ offense, and the defense won the game for them.  With Flacco becoming more consistent and prolific, I see the Ravens putting the Fins away.

Second Game: vs Titans.  The Ravens are the bottom seed, meaning if they advance in the conference round, they play the highest seed.  If you’ll remember, the Ravens almost beat the Titans in B’More while Tennessee was playing their best.  With that said, this would be a hard win.

AFC Championship: vs Steelers or winner of NY Jets/Colts.  I see the Colts advancing here, but when the Ravens get there, we’ll worry about it. It should be an exciting playoff run.