Ravens vs Dolphins Wild Card Preview


Playoff Scenarios

If the Ravens win, they would obviously play the top remaining seed, the Titans.

If the Dolphins win, they would face the Steelers, being the #3 Seed and the Chargers being the #4 seed, they would play Tennessee.


Dolphins: The Ravens obviously need to look out for Ronnie Brown, the ‘Fins stud running back, but they also need to keep an eye on the emerging recieving threats for the Dolphins, as Ted Ginn Jr. will probably be the fastest player on the field, and Greg Camarillo, well, we know him.  Chad Pennington has thrown for 3,600 yards this year, an astounding amount for a guy who wasn’t expected to even finish the year as the starter in Miami.  

Ravens: Right away, Mark Clayton comes to mind.  John Harbaugh has perfected ways to use Clayton’s talent and athletic ability, whether its the end-around, a WR Pass or a jump ball in the end zone, he’s really stepped up while Mason hasn’t been at 100%.               Joe Flacco needs to have a good start to the game for the rushing attack to succeed, and with Ray Rice back, and the Dolphins not being able to prepare for him, expect a big game from him and his counterparts. 

Here is an injury report of the game.  Look all the way to the right for game status.


Changed it up a little, now I’m saying Ravens win 28-17.

Joe Flacco throwing 2 TD’s, no turnovers, Willis McGahee scoring a semi-long TD run, and Fabian Washington returning a fumble for a TD.