What A Game


I didn’t even watch the game on TV, just listened on the radio, but looking through my DVR Recording, how great was this game? Chad Pennington turned the ball over 5 times, more than half of his total turnovers during the season, and after the game he said he felt good about 3 of those 4 passes that were intercepted. Incredible ball-hawking ability by the secondary made this an easy win.

All of my predictions were totally wrong, except for the INT return for a TD, but the wrong person. Just shows how unpredictable, but great, the Ravens can be. For once I agree with Michael Wilbon, Ed Reed should definitely be in the hall of fame, and is the best DB since Ronnie Lott. For a safety in the supposed “twilight of his career,” 11 picks, with 3 of them returned all the way, including the longest return in NFL history, he is the best defensive back, and maybe defensive player in the NFL.

Just a little sidenote, in Coach of the Year voting, John Harbaugh received zero votes, but the top two finishers, both also rookie coaches, ended their season with zero playoff wins. Revenge is sweet.
Also, James Harrison took home the NFL Defensive POY award, getting 22 votes, followed by DeMarcus Ware’s 13 votes. Reed had 9 picks during the season, 2 returned for touchdown, and that I can remember, wasn’t beat deep once being less than 100%. Harrison and Ware were worthy candidates, but 8 votes compared to 22 is just another sign that the media has no interest in Baltimore.

Bring on the