A Word of Advice……..George Kokinis


Mr. Kokinis,

I know that your roots in NFL Personnel and such started in Cleveland, but for the sake of the fans, the team and yourself, don’t accept the Browns’ offer of GM. Brady Quinn is their starting quarterback. Need I say more? Your birthday is February 27th, 1967. You’re 40 years old, act like it and please, please make the right decision. Is it because the Browns sign all your former Ravens when they’re old and washed up for millions of dollars more than any other team would, and you want to fix that? That may be a good reason, but you’re following in the footsteps of crazy Phil Savage. If you do take the world’s worst job, we Ravens fans would like to give you some suggestions to make the Browns competitive enough so the Ravens don’t overlook them. Like:

  • Sign David Tyree and have him give catching lessons to Braylon Edwards
  • Take the Jon Gruden approach, and sign at least 6 mediocre quarterbacks so you have an excuse not to start Brady Quinn. No one wants to see Brady Quinn with his hand under a center’s rump anymore.
  • Here’s some personal advice: Always have an automatic out of office email reply.
  • And lastly, trade Joshua Cribbs, when you let him start at reciever he’ll turn into Terrell Owens. TRADE CRIBBS So, Mr. Kokinis, or George, if I may call you that, if you really want to have your 8-year-old daughter and 3-year-old twins to have a happy life, stay in Baltimore, or go to some team in the NFC we never play. Or go to the Steelers (and trade all their starters for younger blood)

Mr. Kokinis, if it helps you stay, will you marry me?


A very, very concerned fan.

P.S> I don’t stalk you Mr. Kokinis, all your information is up on the Ravens website. You live in Owings Mills, MD. Thats RAVENTOWN, USA. You don’t want to move out of RAVENTOWN, do you? And go to the lamest team in the NFL, as opposed to a Super Bowl contender? Just think about it.

(Cleveland has colder winters)