Bring It On AFC


13-10. Does it sound familiar? I love when things like that happen in sports. In this case, the away team won both games 13-10 on the road in a game the home team could’ve won. The only main difference I see is the QB play. The Titans won earlier in the year despite Kerry Collins.  In this game, the Ravens won because of Joe Flacco.  The kid stepped up big when he had to, and still has no sacks or turnovers in the postseason.  

I really have a good feeling about this team.  They just win.  And they only have to win one more game to reach what was thought to be impossible for this season.  I’m glad the team didn’t overlook this game, because all the fans were.

Samari Rolle was huge, and hopefully he’ll be fine for the next game.  Ray Lewis wanted to win this, and it might sound crazy, but I think he’s playing for the Super Bowl for a reason.  With the passion and fire he’s playing with, I almost feel that he might pull a retirement-after-the-game thing, just because, what does he have left to prove?  He seems like one of those guys who would want to go out on top.  Derrick Mason is like that too.

I will be back visiting in Baltimore this week from school, and I cannot wait to see how pumped up the area is.  I remember Super Bowl year like it was yesterday.  Purple donuts, buildings replacing their light bulbs with purple lights so that their buildings say Go Ravens in purple lights on one side.  Restaurants would give you a free meal if you were wearing your jersey.  (My Qadry Ismail jersey got me alot of free pizza.)

13-10.  Incredible