Tonight’s Game


First, an announcement, there will be no live blog.  Go enjoy the game at a bar or party or something, don’t be watching your computer during this huge game.

There are some concerning injuries right now, like Rolle being out, but right now, it looks like Suggs could be able to play a few downs per drive, which is good news.  Maybe on 3rd and longs, bring him in to blitz Big Ben out of his shoes.



OUT: Antwan Barnes, LB (CRAP!!)

DOUBTFUL: Samari Rolle, CB (will not play)

QUESTIONABLE: Justin Bannan(DT), Mark Clayton(WR), Todd Heap(TE), Jarrett Johnson(LB), Le’Ron McClain(RB), Terrell Suggs(LB, Game-Time Decision)

PROBABLE: Ray Lewis(LB), Lorenzo Neal(FB), Ed Reed(S)


OUT: None



PROBABLE: Troy Polamalu(S), Justin Hartwig(S)

Cool Joe

In the first two meetings this year, Joe Flacco did not look as comfortable and easy as his usual self.  Part of that is the incredible pressure that the Steelers put on the QB, but it also could’ve been that they were THE Steelers.  In their first game, the Monday Night game in Pitt, Flacco was incredible in the first half, hitting recievers and keeping his poise.  When things went wrong on the defensive side on the defensive side of the ball in that game, and in other early-season games, Flacco suffered a performance drop-off.

It seems like in later games in the season, Flacco got over mistakes by other team members.  In early games, dropped balls made him flustered.  In the playoffs, he’s had many incompletions and bad throws and recievers have dropped touchdowns, but he’s staying poised.  That will be the key to his play tonight, if he can stay poised and calm after mistakes.


In the game against Jacksonville, Jamel Parmelee took some carries and looked good.  With McClain kind of banged up, Rice still not 100% and McGahee being McGahee, I’m expecting Parmelee might get a couple of nods.  If he does, his explosiveness could catch the Steelers off-guard.  I really doubt he actually will get any carries, but if he does, then WATCH OUT!!!!!

Steelers Backs

Willie Parker was healthy last week and exploded for 146 yards.  Mewelde Moore only had 3 carries for 13 yards.  Stopping Parker will be the key to keep Big Ben throwing and letting pressure get to his head.  Mewelde Moore burned the Ravens in previous games, but he’s been on a cold streak his last few games.


I predict someone will win.  No idea who, but a team.  Maybe the Lions.