A Recap


What can you say? The AFC Championship.  So close.

I really don’t like Troy Polamalu now.  He surpasses Hines Ward on my list as of now.  Just get an f’ing haircut.  If he gets a haircut, I will maybe be OK with him.  AHH stupid hair.

It just seemed like nothing went well during this game for the Ravens.  McClain couldn’t get a ton of carries because of his duties being fullback with Neal banged up.  Ray Rice had a few great plays, but nothing incredible.  Also, I’ve just now realized that maybe with the exception that I missed something, every trick play the Ravens have used this year has worked.

I didn’t like those referees, they just seemed kind of out of it.  I did see the great challenge Harbaugh took a shot at.  I don’t like Santonio Holmes either.  He’s a real jerk.  He’s one of those guys who throws the ball at the ref and yells in another player’s face when he catches a 5-yard hitch route.

I valiantly admire Frank Walker and Evan Oglesby for their performances.  They were beat a couple times, but the effort they put out made me proud to be a fan.  Haloti Ngata had a good game, so did Ray Lewis.

This is such a bad recap, it has no organization or order.  This game didn’t either.  One 2 yard run here, an incompletion there, a dropped pass, a tackle on special teams.  Neither team stepped up.  A few players did.  Ben Roethlisberger stepped up, Troy Polamalu stepped up, and Jim Leohnard stepped up.  It’s going to be interesting to see what happens when Dewan Landry is back.  I think Landry is the deserving starter, but Fast Jimmy has been incredible this year.

What a season.  Too bad it had to end this way, but we learned alot about what not to do in big games from now on. Why do they never play well in primetime?             

So…… Who’s on the free agent market?