Ravens Want Pettigrew


According to an article in The Baltimore Sun, a publication I read online that apparently has only 3 sections now, the Ravens want Brandon Pettigrew, the stud tight end from Oklahoma State.  In my mock draft, I have Buffalo taking him at #11.  According to the article, written by Ken Murray, a very good writer, the Ravens want another 1st-round slip to occur.  You know, when the guy (ahem, ahem, Brady Quinn, Aaron Rodgers) who is projected in the top 10 on all the draft boards falls to the mid-20s, and a lucky team lciks their chops as the pick approaches.

Well, the front office would love it if Pettigrew fell.  The article talked about how Ed Reed, the best safety on the board fell to them, and Todd Heap, the best tight end on the board also fell to them.  Two years ago, they almost had Brady Quinn fall to them.  This year, with Pettigrew, I see Matt Sanchez possibly falling, Micheal Oher, the huge, raw talent-filled tackle from Ole Miss and possibly Chris “Beanie” Wells from Ohio State falling to late in the 1st round this season.

The question is, why would the Ravens really want Pettigrew if he fell that far.  Sometimes NFL front offices do this to create a diversion towards other teams and insider sources.  If Pettigrew falls, I would be ok with the Ravens taking him, as they usually take the most talented player on the board and it usually works out.  Personally, I can not wait for the combine.