Damn Jets


Wow.  The Jets are at it again.  Rex Ryan continues his new reign as Jets head coach by signing the new former Raven available.  Though it isn’t final or even close to concrete, it looks as if Samari Rolle will sign with the Jets, which would make him the 4th Raven of last year to sign with Ryan’s Jets.  New York could be renamed “Baltimore North” if it really wants…

And how about Maryland? If you saw the Terps game today, you saw 7 minutes of incredible basketball and 33 of less than stellar play. Sure, this is a Ravens blog, but who cares?  Let’s get some basketball talk going.  Also, I’m going to be attending the two 2nd round games in Wachovia Center this weekend in the lovely city of Philidelphia, which literally, smells tons better than Pittsburgh


  1. California W 81-74
  2. Next Up: Memphis