A Few Notes


So there are basically only 2 things to talk about today that have to do with the Ravens.  One is Corey Ivy.  He officialy signed with the Browns yesterday, one of many Ravens exiles to sign with the Cleveland Crap.  Ivy joins Jamal Lewis, Gary Baxter, and many others who I can’t think of right now of being the former Ravens who couldn’t find any other team who wanted them and went to the Browns.

Second is the Ravens’ request to the NFL not to have a primetime game in Pittsburgh this season.  The reason is undisclosed, but the 0-4 nationally televised primtime record against the Steelers could be a big reason why.  A rumor floating around was that the two teams would play the season opener, a rematch of the AFC Championship game.  The official schedule comes out in April, when all of this will be resolved.