Ravens Draft Diary


Welcome to The Ebony Bird’s first Ravens Draft Diary

3:28 PM- Right now, it looks like the Boldin deal goes: Heap and a 2nd (possibly a 3rd) for Boldin. This depends on if the Ravens can get Pettigrew at #26, however.

3:38 PM- I’m going to be looking out for some guys who were memorable in college but not big draft prospects like Graham Harrell, Pat White, Curtis Painter, Victor Harris, Chase Daniel.  Mostly quarterbacks, but many others, like Javon Ringer and a lot of other running backs and skill position players.  Also, whoever gets Louis Vazquez, the Texas Tech guard, is getting a steal in the middle rounds.  He looks like a future pro bowler to me.

3:51 PM-As I get ready for the selections to start, I’ve decided to watch the draft on NFL Network instead of ESPN.  Until I decide I’ve had enough Billick

3:57 PM-The Eagles got a steal in Victor Harris this late.  and D.J. Moore fell to the Beards in the 4TH ROUND!!!

3:59 PM-Here we go!

4:02 PM-Back to ESPN.  It’s official.  Stafford goes #1

4:10 PM- Some people are asking me if rumors that Newsome wants to move up are true, and I highly doubt that he does.  Unless they really like DHB

4:12 PM-The Rams are taking a long time…..

4:15 PM-Jason Smith goes #2.  100% of my mock is correct so far

4:20 PM-Receiver rumors: Boldin probably to BAL or maybe TEN; Braylon to NYG; Ochocinco to Philly

4:25 PM-The Chiefs screwed themselves with that Tyson Jackson pick.  I feel bad for their fans, but I also applaud Tony Gonzalez for getting out while he could

4:31 PM-Will the Seahawks go Curry, Monroe, Sanchez or Crabtree? Who knows?

4:36 PM-If there are no trades, Mark Sanchez will slide.  At least to #10

4:46 PM-Ok, so Sanchez to Jets.  Dan Snyder will be pissed.

4:55 PM-Now we’ll see if Oakland actually is getting DHB.  He’s still my preference, unless this deal for Boldin that I talked about earlier is true, then I want Pettigrew.  WOW!!! THEY DID PICK HIM!!!!! Uh oh, he’s not happy

4:59 PM-Crabtree is this year’s Adrian Peterson.  Could go at #8, just like AP

5:14 PM-So, my mock draft is killed.  Crabtree is still there, I expect him to go right here to San Fran.

5:23 PM-The Bills here are one of few teams that I’m scared will draft Pettigrew.  Not this pick, but to make a trade for a pick before the Ravens

5:36 PM-Watch Dan Snyder offer some kind of trade for Mark Sanchez tomorrow

5:41 PM-Malcolm Jenkins to Saints. If he’s a safety, he will be a beast.  As a corner, a solid player.  Maybe a ceiling similar to Fabian Washington’s

5:56 PM-Some guys I’d really like the Ravens to pick up on day 2: Pat White, Louis Vazquez, Zack Follett, Greg Toler, Ramses Barden, C.J. Spillman, Tyrell Sutton Jose Martinez, James Davis, and Tyronne Green.

6:02 PM-So I gotta split, I might be able to get back before the 2nd round is over.  Check back at about 10 or 10:30.  Thanks to everyone who read this and participated in the live chat.


10:51 AMI’m always pumped for Day 2.  This is where dynasties are made, or roster spots are just filled.  I’m hoping for the former

10:56 AM-I’m realizing how many good Ravens were undrafted free agents or very late round picks.  Oh look, Rex Ryan is on TV.  He deserves it, but I really don’t like how when he becomes a head coach, he steals half of the Ravens team.  We successfully captured Rolle and a few others I bet, but we lost so much to the Jets.

11:00 AM-Crap.  The Chargers got Louis Vazquez.  That is the second player from my list taken already, in addition to Pat White, who I knew the Dolphins liked, but was a surprise in the 2nd round.

11:07 AM-The Bengals have had a great draft, in talent terms.  The Browns have had a lot of picks, but I feel like they haven’t picked the best options with those picks.  We’ll see.  UPDATE: Kevin Barnes just went off the board, the UMD corner was drafted by the ‘Skins

11:13 AM-Penn State’s Derrick Williams just went to the Lions at #82.  He is great in the return game, and is a receiving threat.  I like what the Lions are doing, even if I don’t agree with them taking Stafford #1

11:23 AM-I like the Giants’ draft so far: Nicks is ok, but getting Simtin, Barden and Beatty were steals.  There are a lot of good QB’s this year, but no one needs them.

11:30 AM-I’m surprised about the lack of linebackers being taken.  Jasper Brinley, Jason Phillips, and McKillop are all still on the board

11:32 AM-Dolphins take Patrick Turner, Ravens on the clock!!! The ‘Phins have taken only glamour position guys.  Receivers, Pat White would could be a QB or WR and 2 cornerbacks.  My prediction for 3rd round for the Ravens: Victor Harris, CB, Va Tech.  Hopefully he is their pick.  I think he’ll be great in the NFL

11:36 AM-YES!!!!! LADARIUS WEBB!!!!!! I totally forgot about this guy.  One of the best corners in Div. 1-AA history, 2-time All-American.  He was on the workout list I put together, and I thought there was a big chance of him being drafted by the Ravens, and he should be a great addition

11:40 AM-The Ravens are going to add a tight end, and I’m betting it will be either Chase Coffman, Cornelius Ingrram James Casey or Travis Beckum.  I would prefer James Casey, but Chase Coffman and Ingram worked out with the team, so they’re more probable.

11:48 AM-Time to look ahead to next year’s draft: I will post something after today is over with my top 3 at each position for next year, but I’ll give a sneak preview now, giving my #1’s for each skill position (includes underclassmen).  QB: Sam Bradford, Oklahoma.     RB: C.J. Spiller, Clemson    WR: Arrelious Benn, Illinois    TE: Jermaine Greshman, Oklahoma     CB: Trevard Lindley, Kentucky

11:56 AM-Who cares about the Patriots?  Shut up Wingo

12:04 PM-Bill Cosby is being hilarious.  I’m not sure if he’s doing it on purpose

12:07 PM-Ok, I’m going to have to check out for an hour or two, I will be back.  Hopefully before the Ravens’ next pick, but maybe not.

2:49 PM-Back.  The Giants just took Rhett Bomar.  That could be the steal of the draft.  Was great in high school, great in college, even though he accidentally got kicked out of the OU program.  And I told you all that the Ravens would draft a TE, just later than expected, and none of the ones I expected.  I can not believe that Duke Robinson is still on the board.  He is a stud guard who just got demoted down boards during the process.

2:55 PM-I don’t get the Ravens pick of Davon Drew.  Both Cornelius Ingram, who they worked out, and James Casey, a guy who is probably the most versatile player in the draft, were both still on the board.  Drew better be good, because I feel like those two guys are much more talented.  Also, Rashad Jennings, the great RB from Liberty is left.  He could be one of these guys who starts after the team’s starter is injured  7 games into the season, and be explosive for the rest of the season.  And the Eagles just drafted Ingram.

2:59 PM-HA, ESPN’s trying to make it look like Rhett Bomar didn’t do this on purpose.  Like it wasn’t his fault that he took $7,000 that wasn’t his

3:07 PM-Why does Kiper have Duke Robinson ranked so low?

3:24 PM-I love this Michael Oher story.  The book is better, read it.  Duke Robinson finally went, to the Panthers.  The 163rd pick

3:34 PM-These picks are going very slowly compared to last year.  We still have 18 picks until the Ravens are up

3:58 PM-I’m surprised that QB is the least drafted position so far because there are many good players at the position. I have no idea what the Ravens will do in the 6th round.  I’ll be back later to wrap it up after the Ravens pick  

Final Pick: Cedric Peerman, good running back.  Great draft.  It’s not totally over yet, but I feel like the Lions, Broncos, and believe it or not, the Bengals all had very, very good drafts.  I feel like the Jets achieved their goal of getting Sanchez, but had a bad draft.  The Cowboys screwed themselves with no first day picks, I feel like you can’t draft well with no Day 1 picks.   In order, my top 5 drafts:

  1. Lions
  2. Bengals
  3. Broncos
  4. Eagles
  5. Vikings

To put that into perspective, out of 100, I give the Lions a 95, the Bengals an 80.  That’s how good the Lions draft was.  Getting the top player at 3 positions: Stafford at QB, Pettigrew at TE, and Delmas at S was huge for their franchise to turn around.