Another Jet?


The Jets are apparently interested in former Titans and Cowboys cornerback, but more importantly, notorious felon Pacman Adam Jones.  After the Jets became Ravens North this offseason, signing defensive stars Bart Scott and Jim Leohnard from Baltimore, and attempting to ink nickel back Corey Ivy, the 2nd-best team in New York wants the guy whose nightly routine is hanging out at strip clubs at 2:30 AM.  His agent is hoping that he signs with a team before training camp, but my question is, “who would ever want to be his agent?”

Now, this paragraph is where this story gets interesting.  The Newark Star-Ledger claims that according to an inside source with the Jets, the team is not interested in Jones at all.  Now, could this be a rumor started by Jones and his agent who he probably made up because no one has ever heard of him?  Possibly.  But not the agent part, Worrick Robinson was a prestigous lawyer in Nashville before taking the world’s worst job.  So as of now, it is unlikely that we will see Pacman in a Jets uniform, or maybe not in any NFL uniform this year.  But, it’s not a complete stretch that some team could take a chance on him.

Vikings maybe?