The King Says: Ravens are #8


So, today Peter King released his pre-pre-pre season power rankings.  He ranked the Ravens #8, which I believe is a fair ranking. Personally, he’s not my favorite NFL writer, but he works hard and that shows in his stuff.  Check the full power rankings out here, I’m just going to provide the Ravens’ blurb.

"8. BaltimoreQuick. Who is Greg Mattison? You’re a big fan, and you didn’t even recognize the name of the new Baltimore defensive coordinator. The big challenge for Mattison will be to get this group to respond to him the way it responded to Rex Ryan. But Ray Lewis and his men like smart guys, which everyone tells me Mattison and his defensive aides are. The one looming problem they have entering camp, now that Bart Scott has flown the coop, is making sure there’s no job action by Terrell Suggs, who has been franchised and is skipping mini-camp activities for now. Suggs has to be on board, and I suspect he will be, when the Chiefs come in for an opening friendly on Week 1 of the season."

The full rankings are:

  1.  New England
  2. The city which is not to be named
  3. New York Football Giants
  4. Chicago Bears?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  5. Indy
  6. Philly
  7. San Diego
  8. Baltimore
  9. Dallas
  10. Tennessee
  11. Atlanta
  12. Arizona
  13. Houston
  14. Green Bay
  15. Minnesota
  16. New York Jets
  17. Miami
  18. Carolina
  19. Seattle
  20. Denver
  21. Jacksonville
  22. Buffalo
  23. Washington: HA!
  24. New Orleans
  25. San Fran
  26. Tampa Bay
  27. Oakland
  28. The Cincinnati Ben-Gals
  29. Kansas City
  30. St. Louis
  31. Detroit (How surprising)
  32. And a perfect prediction, one sure to be right…The Cleveland Brownies

There you have it.  These will almost definitely change in the next couple of months.