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So on The Ebony Bird, we’re in a time right now where there’s not tons of news about the Ravens, so new ideas have to be generated.  As I said before, I’ll be doing a player spotlight series.  This will be the subjects of  the future posts.  This isn’t really in any order, but Washington will be the first, and will be up by Friday.

  1. Kelley Washington, WR
  2. Paul Kruger, DE
  3. Chris Carr, CB
  4. Dominique Foxworth, CB
  5. Cedric Peerman, RB
  6. Drew Willy, QB
  7. Graham Gano, K
  8. Steve Hauschka, K
  9. Daniel Ellerbee, LB
  10. Tavares Gooden, LB
  11. Jameel McClain, LB
  12. Lardarius Webb, CB/S

And possibly some other if needed.  Also, if you’re on twitter and still not following the blog’s account, just click the follow button on this page.  If you don’t feel like making an account for whatever reason, or whatever your excuse is, just check that page for updates, I’m on it a lot, and put some good stuff up there.  Yesterday, the list of Steelers-hating reasons was on the FanSided front page, the first time a post of mine has been featured on the main site.  A lot is happening with the network, they’ve added more NHL blogs, a NASCAR blog, an MMA blog and others in the last week.  At BirdsWatcher, we have a podcast starting this Thursday, if you have something to say about the O’s, just call in.  Details are here.