Some Ravens Links


Will get back to normal schedule soon.  Here are some links to give all of you while I’m too lazy to write anything myself.

Baltimore Beatdown:

I don’t agree with a lot of these picks, especially on the offensive side.  It does spark debate though.  Maybe I’ll get one of these up to compete.

Mike Preston:

WOAHHH!!!! I read a Mike Preston article and realized it was OK, without seeing who it was by.  Maybe I’ll read at least a line next time before I immediately don’t care to read a Preston article.  Lacrosse Insider… pssh

ESPN Videogames

In this year’s Madden game, Ray Lewis and Ed Reed are in the top 10 of defensive player ratings.  I’m still mad that Haloti Ngata never gets his fair share of the defensive glory.

Stet Sports (Jarrett Carter)

Our old pal JC had a post about how the Ravens’ backs are putting on weight this offseason, and I think it’s to minimize the impact of Lorenzo Neal’s departure, as they need to get bigger and stronger.  He uses some quotes from Preston’s article, but it puts a nice spin on it.

I’m planning to do something like this every week or two, just to introduce some other blogs or new ones that some people may not  know about.