2009 Projection: Part 1


Before starting, this was going to go up last week, but the login feature on WordPress was being spastic all across the network, and no one could post.  Then I forgot to post it.

So, this is very premature, but I’m going to do some predictions, just wins and losses based on the schedule.  The next part of this projection will be the stats, and the third will be the rest of the NFL.

  • Week 1: vs Chiefs: WIN.  The Chiefs might take a while to get comfy with Cassell, and the defense should be able to take advantage of that.
  • Week 2: at Chargers: LOSS.  The Chargers are loaded with talent.  This could be the best game of the year.  I give them the edge just because it’s in San Diego.
  • Week 3: vs Browns: WIN. HA! The BROWNS!!!!!!!
  • Week 4: at Patriots: LOSS.  Just too good.
  • Week 5: vs Bengals: WIN.  They will be better this year, just not good enough.  Watch out in the away game, though.
  • Week 6: at Vikings: WIN.  The Ravens have a great run defense, and should be able to stop AP.  The passing game though for the Vikes is just terrible.
  • Week 7: Bye
  • Week 8: vs Broncos: WIN.  They just aren’t very good this year, honestly.  Cutler was their team last year.  The secondary might have a lot of trouble with the receivers though, needing the offense to make plays or Orton to make mistakes.
  • Week 9: at Bengals: LOSS.  That bye week and the win over Cincy before it might give the team a false sense of confidence.  Especially if the win over the Ben-Gals is a big one is Week 5.
  • Week 10: at Browns: WIN. (read: Week 3)
  • Week 11: vs Colts: LOSS.  The Purple Birds just can’t seem to figure out the Colts.  Would be a huge win for the city, though.
  • Week 12: vs Steelers: TIE.  I can’t make myself write a loss in that slot.  Therefore, a tie.
  • Week 13: at Packers: WIN.  If it’s cold, Flacco could make some mistakes and make it a close game.  If not, I don’t see how the Packers can pull of a W.
  • Week 14: vs Lions: WIN.  They’re getting there, honestly, just not yet.  Could be a competitive game, though.
  • Week 15: vs Bears: WIN.  Cutler will be a handful, but who will he throw to?
  • Week 16: at Steelers: WIN.  I think they could pull this off.
  • Week 17: at Raiders: WIN.  Not a good team, just not a good team.

FINAL RECORD: 11-4-1.  Maybe a shot at winning the division.  This is an optimistic record, just based off projections.  They will almost definitely drop a fluke game to a lame team l