Sunday’s Stuff


Hey, you think of a better title.

Jason Phillips, the Ravens’ 5th round pick in April’s Draft has signed a contract with the team for 3 years, worth $1.34 million. He does have a torn lateral meniscus, but should be ready for training camp.  Also, the team has signed Cedric Peerman, the running back from Virginia selected in the 6th round.  Peerman’s deal is also three years, but the salary has not been disclosed. All we know about the Virginia tailback’s contract is that he received a $78,000 signing bonus.

With Peerman and Phillips signing, only three draft picks remain unsigned, Michael Oher (1st), Paul Kruger (2nd) and Lardarius Webb (3rd).  The main reason that the first three picks remain unsigned is “slotting purposes.”  If you’re unaware what slotting is in the NFL, there is no reccomended bonus/contract like the MLB, but when the players above and below a top draft pick sign, that’s how each player bases their contract.  Therefore, top picks wait forever to sign because it’s all a waiting game between 31 teams, after the #1 pick agrees on their contract.

Also, and this is why the title is “stuff.”  Brandon Marshall, Denver’s marquee receiver, has been linked to the Ravens in a trade. Honestly, how can the Broncos afford to do this?  They’ve traded Cutler, now Marshall to whoever he ends up with.  It seems like they gave up this season.  Anyway, this has ignited both excitement and resistance in Baltimore.  Many fans are again ecstatic that the Ravens could have a legit #1 receiver for Joe Flacco to chuck the ball to.  Enter Mike Preston, Baltimore’s lamest football writer.  He says that the Ravens shouldn’t make a move for Marshall, and actually makes a few good points, like what the team will have to give up and that there is no room in the salary cap.  All true, but his main point is that Marshall isn’t a “high-character guy.”  He’s been arrested, and is one of those “flashy TO type-guys” (my words not Preston’s), Maniac Mike basically says.  To get a Denver opinion on this, check out Mile High Report’s link compilation, which includes Big Mike’s article.  

If you ask me, the team isn’t going to get him, just like with Anquan Boldin.  Next year’s draft picks aren’t worth that much yet, there is no room under the cap for his salary, and maybe for the third time in my life, I’ll agree with Mike Preston.  He’s a big risk, and he’ll take a lot.  But, I disagree with Preston’s thought that any big-time star would be bad to bring in because Flacco needs to be the unquestioned leader.  He’s the quarterback, the team respects him.  He’s established in Baltimore, with the coaches, the fans and most importantly, the players.  If someone is brought in, they’d be uncomfortable with a new team and wouldn’t be the team’s leader, they would yield to their quarterback.  On a football team, the quarterback is expected to lead.  If he doesn’t, someone will step up.  A new acquisition will see that Flacco is the leader, and if he isn’t, than someone like Derrick Mason or Matt Birk would step up.

Also, we haven’t heard about Plaxico Burress for football news, only for news about his case, but FanSided’s Jets Blog, The Jet Press, has a post about Burress.  He has been rumored to the Jets, and has also been targeted by Mayor Michael Bloomberg for a full prosecution.  It’s surprising that he’s not a former Raven, isn’t it?

UPDATE: Peerman signed for 3 years and $1.25 million, with the $78,000 bonus.