Two Ravens Launch Sites


Two Ravens have recently launched sites/blogs, and seeing them myself, aren’t too shabby.  Some players in the NFL (cough, cough Cowboy’s tight end Martellus Bennett) have blog posts that are boring, make no sense and are just a waste of time.  These two are actually OK.  The two players are tight end Daniel Wilcox, a reliable Raven for years, and offensive tackle Jared Gaither, who should be a big part of the offensive line for years to come with Michael Oher.

Wilcox’s blog is on the YardBarker network, and is pretty much updated daily, with everything from his opinion on Michael Vick to his “dream car.” He’s not afraid to say what he thinks, and that’s a welcome change for athletes these days.  Sometimes in posts, Wilcox forgets to indent new paragraphs, but hey, it’s not as bad as Martellus Bennett.

Jared Gaither’s site is a little more…”edgy” you could say.  It’s got a blog, a shop, a photo gallery, a way to contact him and a little fan club inside of it.  His site is very new, I got an email about it just 3 days ago.  His blog posts are easier to read than Wilcox’s, in my opinion, but they’re not as extensive or topical, although Gaither’s only had one real post.  He talks about food and cooking in his first post, so not the most fascinating thing in the world, but it’s not quite like this post, courtesy of blogging maestro Martellus Bennett.

Gaither also has a Twitter account, which hasn’t had a real update yet, but should soon.  Other Ravens on Twitter include Dominique Foxworth, Frank Walker, Evan Oglesby and Fabian Washington.  Interesting, all defensive backs.