Suggs Update & Weekend Links


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Terrell Suggs, the Ravens’ starting outside linebacker, no matter what side he plays on, was forced to agree to a franchise tag again this offseason, but as of yesterday, the team and Suggs are (finally!) close to a long-term extension.  Suggs said on, “I feel like we’re getting close.  Negotiations are going on with the Ravens.  Fans can be optimistic that I’ll be at training camp.”  Mike Duffy, the main reporter on, said that Suggs desires a Dwight Freeney-type deal, which was a 6 year, $72 million mega-contract.  In my mind, he deserves it.  Not only did he become the team’s best pass rusher and one of the NFL’s sack masters right after he was drafted, but he is a leader of the defense, as evidenced by his consistent smack talk, that must motivate the defense to no end.  And, he should get some extra Benjamins for putting up with the team’s resistance of signing him long-term the past two years.

Here are some links for the weekend, and just a note: this is my last post for a week, nothing is going to be posted tomorrow.

Again, post your links on here.  I won’t be on email, Twitter, anything.  I’m gone for a week.  I’m excited to see what Suggs will do this year, being at Training Camp on time, and actually wanting to play, he should be in great shape.