Finally. Thank You. And Goodbye to a Great.


 As Ravens fans we realize how great Derrick Mason truly was and is. Finally, people outside of Baltimore and Tennessee have realized how truly underrated this guy is. The Football Outsiders number crunching gurus have come up with a list that contains the 25 most underrated players since 2000. Here is how they brilliantly reasoned for D-Mase to be tops on the list:

"Top of the Underrated List for the 2000's Mason has seven different seasons with at least 1,000 receiving yards and ranks seventh overall in total wide receiver DYAR for the decade. He ranked among the top 20 wide receivers in DYAR (total value) for five straight years in Tennessee, then did it again last year in Baltimore. He also ranked among the top four wide receivers in DVOA (value per play) three times in four years (2000, 2001 and 2003), and he has put up an above average catch rate every single year this decade, including two years over 70 percent. Yet somehow, he’s only made two Pro Bowls."

 Allow me to clear up a few of those statistics mentioned. Derrick ranks seventh overall in total wideout DYAR. And that means what exactly? He also ranked what three times in four years? DVOA? Say wha? Here is a link that helped me understand these numbers, and you will too; Here you go! While we are on the topic of Derrick Mason, it seems appropriate to mention that he spoke at former teammate’s QB Steve McNair’s memorial service. Here is a little of what he said:

"” To my friend, my buddy… I thank you for allowing me to be a friend… Every time you scored, every time you came out of the huddle, you gave two bumps to your chest and you pointed to the sky. So I’m a give ya two bumps and point to the sky [double chest pump followed by pointing to the sky]”"

 This can be watched through ESPN Videos, and I suggest you do.