Suggs Richest LB in NFL


Pro Bowl linebacker Terrell “T-Sizzle” Suggs signed a lucrative 6 year 63 million dollar deal making him the highest paid LB to ever take the field. He signed a 33.1 million dollar signing bonus, second to only Peyton Manning, star QB of the Indianapolis Colts.

If Suggs and your Baltimore Ravens did not reach a deal by 4 p.m. today he would have had to play another year under his 10.7 million a year contract and become a free agent the next year. Suggs has been the Ravens’ franchise player for the past two seasons.

Suggs, a 7 year veteran started his career at the DE position, but as the Ravens started using more 3-4 formations he shifted to being a linebacker. In his career with the Ravens, Suggs has recorded 369 tackles and 53 sacks. This deal was very important to the Ravens due to the fact that linebacker Bart Scott left for the New York Jets.

With Suggs in the bag, and money in his, look for the this partnership to develop into another top 5 defensive season.

 Breaking the story at 9:30 was John Clayton at ESPN. Check it out!