Another NFL Draft Format Change


The NFL Draft is going into prime-time, as this post from Brian at Phin Phanatic says.

"The NFL has a long rich tradition of being an event.  Marketing and broadcasting has made the NFL Draft an event as well and up until today, it was a two day feast of hours upon hours of listening to analysts critique the top players drafted.  Over the span of Saturday to Sunday, the NFL Draft is watched by more people than some baseball games.  This year, that is all about to change as the NFL has decided to go prime time.Two seasons ago the NFL decided to split from the 1, 2, and 3 rounds on day 1 to a simpler 1st and 2nd round on Saturday and the remaining rounds on Sunday.  They shortened the time between picks following round 1 and with it came a shortened draft.  This time around, they have decided to move round 1into it’s own spotlight.Starting April 23rd, 2010, the NFL Draft will televise it’s first round on Thursday night with rounds 2 and 3 telecast on Friday.  The final rounds will be slipped in on Sunday.  The problem?  Getting off work to actually watch the draft on Friday is going to create headaches.  What was wrong with a Friday, Saturday, Sunday lineup?In any case, the marketing arm of the NFL and it’s branding has once again taken something that no one once cared about and made it into one of the most talked about events in the calendar year, and now, it’s a 3 day love fest for all things related to the draft."

That’s the full post, but you can view it in its original state here.