Welcome Home!


On Saturday, August 1st Derrick Mason has ended his abrupt3 week retirement and returned to training camp. Thank god. Without Mason our receiving corps was shaping up to be one of the worst in the league when your top 2 receivers combined for 55 catches the year before. Now, Flacco has his veteran possession receiver back and can sleep better at night. After a busy offseason full of contract disagreements and the death of Mason’s former teammate and friend Steve McNair; it is just good to see the best #85 in the AFC North back in a Ravens’ uni. In Mason’s 3 week absence quite a bit was done in order to fill the void. We tried out receivers such as D.J. Hacket, and Drew Bennett. We called Joe Horn. We even signed Drew Bennett to only have him retire two days later. As a result we signed ex- Tennessee Titan practice squad wideout Biren Ealy. Through the chaos, we have our Derrick Mason, and here is a little insight about what made him come back:

"“It was a tough decision, but I think it was a good decision for me to come back . I needed to evaluate my life, football and my career.“I still have an intense fire inside me, and I want to play. … I felt like I had left something undone, and I wanted to finish it. I believe this is a good example for my son and my daughter on how to be thoughtful and also follow through.”"

So I beleive that all of Baltimore is with me when I say, Welcome Home.