Ravens Fantasy Preview


You know that guy that picks players from his favorite team for his fantasy team, despite the fact that he is a Bengals fan? With this post I hope to help be able to pick some of your favorite players from the Ravens, but also stop you from looking like a fool; for example drafting Willis McGahee in the first 4 rounds, or picking one of our kickers. When you have to say “one of our” that usually doesn’t lead to fantasy production.


Joe Flacco- 2971 yards, 16 total TDs, 14 interceptions
ESPN ranking: 24th QB  147th Overall
Joe Flacco is a good quarterback. Don’t get me wrong, I am Wacco for Flacco, just not as a fantasy quarterback. With the trio of Ray Rice, Le’Ron McClain,  and Willis McGahee running the ball don’t expect more than 500 attempts. Bottom Line: Keep Flacco as a backup if you want to, but I wouldn’t have him on my team. Wow. I Wish it Wasn’t Fake

Running Backs-

Ray Rice- 254 rushing yards, 273 receiving yards, 0 TDs

ESPN Ranking: 33rd RB  75th Overall
Ray Rice is a good mid round pickup. Nothing more or less. He will get more touches this year, but they will still be still limited due to the fact that he has to share the ball with McClain and McGahee (I wonder if Ray is feeling any pressure to change his nem to McRice. That would work, even though he would sound like a side order for a Big Mac in Beijing). He is quick and Flacco loved throwing screen passes to him on 3rd down. The zero touchdowns hurt, and don’t expect that to go up too much with McClain eating up the goaline carries. Bottom Line: Rice is a great back for yardage, and if you get extra points for receptions, but he is in a committee of running backs so how productive could he be?

Le’Ron McClain- 902 rushing yards, 123 receiving yards, 11 total TDs
ESPN Rank: 40th RB  99th Overall
Le’Ron McClain was the top fantasy producer on the Ravens last year and don’t expect much different. He will be the most used fullback in the NFL, esspecially where the fantasy points pile up; in the redzone. ESPN ranks McClain behind Rice this year and I find that interesting seeing that McClain will rack up tons of yards and a certainly superior amount of touchdowns. Bottom Line: Le’Ron is a good second back, and will be a steal again this year.

Willis McGahee- 671 yards rushing, 173 yards receiving, 7 total TDs
ESPN Rank: 46th RB  122nd Overall
Willis is the last of the trio to be picked. He is injury prone, and has lost his starting role. He is a late round pickup. He is a bye week replacement. Hint: If you plan on using him for that don’t draft another RB with the bye week of week 7. Bottom Line: Stated above.


Derrick Mason- 80 receptions, 1037 yards, 5 touchdowns
ESPN Rank: 37th WR  102 Overall
Derrick is back from his retirement and only missed a few days of camp. No problems. He will put up similar numbers and is a good 3rd wideout. He is a great value for the flex (RB/WR) position. Bottom Line: Pick him, he is consistent, and will pick up anywhere from 5-10 TDs this year.

Mark Clayton- 41 receptions, 695 yards, 3 TDs
ESPN Rank: 50th WR  149th Overall
Mark Clayton is an electrifying player on the football field. He can change the game with one play; be it an end around touchdown, or a circus catch. However, when it comes to the numbers, someone forgot to pay the electricity bill. Hopefully, he can grab more than 41 catches, and 3 touchdowns. Bottom Line: Waiver wire. If he doesn’t get drafted watch to see if this is his breakout year, and then pounce.

Demetrius Williams- 13 receptions, 180 yards, 1 TD
ESPN did not rank Demetrius in the top 80 WR
Despite ESPN’s ignorance I believe that Williams is a huge sleeper. Flacco’s strong arm+Demetrius’ ability to get behind coverages= TDs. Sporting News’ Fantasy Preview put it pretty well: He had only 13 catches for 180 yards last season, but Derrick Mason is 35 and Mark Clayton has not been the type of receiver who gets behind secondaries. The Ravens did not make any moves to acquire a deep threat in the offseason, hoping Williams can develop in his 4th season and become the player who benefits from Joe Flacco’s strong throwing arm.

Tight Ends-

Todd Heap- 35 receptions, 403 yards, 3 TDs
ESPN did not rank Heap in the top TE
What the?!? Heap is still a solid TE. He is healthy and a big redzone target. Sure he is sharing time with L.J. Smith, bu he is still a solid No. 2 TE. Bottom Line: Draft him in the later rounds or do it in the 1st just to send a message.


Not from the Ravens you don’t.

Defense- 244 points allowed, 26 interceptions, 34 sacks
ESPN Rank: 4th Defense  111th Overall
We still got it. Even with the loss of Rex Ryan we have Ed Reed to lead our turnover points. We have Suggs to tally sacks. Bottom Line: We are one of the few defenses that you take before the last two rounds.

2009-2010 Schedule-

Week 1- Kansas City 31st Total D, 30th against Run, 28th against Pass
Week 2- @ San Diego 25th Total D, 11th against Run, 31st against Pass
Week 3- Cleveland 26th Total D, 28th against Run, 14th against Pass
Week 4- @ New England, 10th Total D, 15th against Run, 11th against Pass
Week 5- Cincinnati 12th Total D, 21st against Run, 15th against Pass
Week 6- @ Minnesota- 6th Total D, 1st against Pass, 18th against Pass
Week 7- BYE
Week 8- Denver 29th Total D, 27th against Run, 25th against Pass
Week 9- @ Cincinnati 12th Total D, 21st against Run, 15th against Pass
Week 10-@ Cleveland 26th Total D, 28th against Run, 14th against Pass
Week 11- Indianapolis 11th Total D, 24th against Run, 6th against Pass
Week 12- Pittsburgh 1st Total D, 2nd against Run, 1st against Pass
Week 13-@ Green Bay 20th Total D, 26th against Run, 9th against Pass
Week 14- Detroit 32nd Total D, 32nd against Run, 27th against Pass
Week 15- Chicago 21st Total D, 5th against Run, 30th against Pass
Week 16-@ Pittsburgh 1st Total D, 2nd against Run, 1st against Pass
Week 17-@ Oakland 27th Total D, 31st against Run, 10th against Pass