Blog Mumbo-Jumbo


Hey Ravens fans, just a few announcements about the blog for this upcoming season and some new features.  With the addition of Casey to the staff, we will each handle some different departments in the swing of the season.  I will be doing the mostly daily news updates, opinions, all the normal stuff I’ve been doing, plus game previews, live game blogs and game reviews.  Casey will be doing weekly power rankings, joining me in some live game blogs, recapping the division, maybe a weekly Ravens fantasy report, and adding his opinions to the game review.  The recap/review of the games will be the coolest new addition to the blog, if I may say so myself, as we’ll have breakdowns of each quarter, reflect on our pre-game predicitions and get some commentary from fans.  We’ll have a grading system, either letter grades or a number out of 10, and keep a running tally on a new page on the page bar up top as the season goes along.

Mentioning pages, I will be adding some to the page selection, including features on other blogs, and the player grades.  If you would like to see anything specific added as a page, spin me an email instead of commenting, just because it’s much simpler to talk directly about it.  Also, if you have a Twitter account, which I know many of you do, you can sign in to comment on this blog and its posts with your Twitter information by clicking on the button with the Twitter logo in the comments section of each post.  I encourage you to also register with, by clicking register in that purple box in the upper right hand corner, and get a username which you can use across the network.  As always, I’m open to any suggestions about the blog, answering any questions you have about the Ravens, blogging, whatever.  Spin an email to and I’ll get back to you fairly quickly.