A Humble Prediction


…that Michael Oher will be the best rookie out of this draft class for the 2009 season.  I was at training camp today (along with Snoop Dogg, which was really cool.) and Oher was just looking incredible.  He looks fit, but could still shed maybe just a bit of flab, and he knows how to play tackle.  He can outpower established pros, and looked pretty comfortable with the team.  This was a perfect, perfect pick by the Ravens, and I am so excited to follow his career.

Other than that, Snoop Dogg was fun, and very unexpected, Demetrius Williams returned to PM practice like a knight in shining armor after being held out of AM practice.  The O-Line looked very good and has a ton of depth if everyone can avoid injuries (that’s a big question mark.)   Mark Clayton did not get onto the gridiron because of a hammy injury that will keep him limited in preseason games, maybe missing a few.  T-Sizzle wasn’t practicing because of a heel injury that I learned wasn’t especially serious from asking some players who I didn’t recognize, maybe this year’s Jimmy Leohnards.  I was disappointed not to see Marcus Smith out there, as he’s a guy that I hope will be important to the team this season.  All in all, a fun day, and I’ll try to get back there soon before heading back to Jersey for the year.  If anyone else is going to these sessions, let me know, and I’ll let you post something up here.