Preseason: Week 1 Impressions


I only watched the 2nd half, but here’s what I got from it:

  • Troy Smith is quite good.
  • Justin Harper also looked quite good.
  • I’m pumped to see Paul Kruger tearing up O-lines this year.  Anyone with a good nickname/catchphrase for him, just leave a comment.
  • Lardarius Webb was all over the field, and you could see his safety side, getting pressue on the QB and being a ball hawk, breaking up multiple passes.
  • I hate these TV guys. Though I did like Qadry Ismail’s playing days.
  • Edgar Jones is a cool guy to talk with, and had a solid game.  He’s definitely a hell of an athlete, when he told me about his time on defense in college and his smooth transition to tight end.  I might be able to get an interview with him in some time.
  • I liked how well the team meshed, especially keeping in mind that they don’t mesh very well in the preseason usually.
  • I’m just looking at the total team stats, and HOLY S*!@, the Ravens had 500 total yards of offense.
  • Jayson Foster is faaaasstt. I also called him Justin during the game.
  • Marcus Smith is out with a serious injury. Not sure how long, but out indefinitely, Coach Harbaugh just said.
  • It was a fun game.

Maybe more analysis coming tomorrow, but it’s a preseason game, and it all went according to plan (except for the Smith news)