Bolt Sets New World Record


From the Usain Bolt post I had up here about a month and a half ago, you all know that I am in awe of his athletic ability.  Today, he ran a 9.58 100 meters, breaking the world record for the third time.  This was at the 2nd biggest stage of Track & Field, the World Championships in Berlin.  Tyson Gay ran a U.S. Record 9.71, but could only finish second.  Before the Olympics, that race by Gay would have been a world record.

I know this is a football blog, but you have to admire a guy who flat out dominates his sport, like we’ve seen Tiger Woods and Roger Federer do recently, but he dominates it that much more than them.  He sets world records or event records, at the least, every time he runs.  I found the article about him in ESPN Magazine great and a great story of how much of an idol he is in Jamaica.

In other news, Cleo Lemon was on the field, and practicing with the team.  Drew Willy hasn’t been cut yet, maybe there’s a pool of teams out there interested in him.  On second thought, maybe he’s just around for some insurance.  The HUGE news today is the Mark Sanchez is starting a preseason game against the Ravens next week.  Whoop dee freakin’ doo.  And if you want a good read, check out what Donovan McNabb had to say about Michael Vick.