Injuries All Around!!!!!


Mark Clayton, Samari Rolle, Terrell Suggs and Ed Reed, among others have all been sidelined with injuries.

Clayton still has his hamstring injury, which is either tweaked or strained or broken into 8 different pieces, who knows.  All we know is that he’s been out for a while and he won’t play in the second preseason game against the Jets.  With training camp ending quite soon, Clayton needs to get into at least partial contact drills, not just running routes, as soon as possible. The receivers this year are more important than in the last few years.  I know that he shouldn’t be rushed, but it seems like he gets lots of nagging injuries, and it really messes up his preparation for the season.

Rolle has been out with a neck injury which still has not been disclosed to the public or the coaching staff.  The team is being cautious with him, as neck injuries could be career killers in the NFL, and they could use as much help in the secondary as they could get this year.  Rolle is now 33 and would probably have a few more years left in him.  A season lost from a neck injury would not be good.  Filling in for him at nickel back hasn’t been a problem for Lardarius Webb and Chris Carr, so right now, the team looks set without him.  But only for a short time.

Suggs is still out with the strained heel he got in the first week of camp, and still hasn’t been practicing on the field with the team. Mike Duffy says that the league’s highest paid linebacker has been on exercise bikes and other contraptions, but not anything really intense.  His injury doesn’t seem too serious, and he should probably be back in the lineup sometime before the season begins.

To finish off this post, the NFL’s best safety, Ed Reed, had a “nerve impingement”, or in lighter terms, a pinched nerve.  Duffy says that he was out of the red non-contact jersey today and has been hitting well.  Reed says that he’s used to being sore and that he should be fine to play at game level anytime.