Week 1 Predictions


Football is here. The preseason is over and the real games are begining. Finally. So this year I will predict each game and keep my record. Feel free to submit your picks to the comment section and keep track of your own record.

Tennessee @ Pittsburgh- Pittsburgh Steelers (In a battle of the defenses he Steelers will prove that they are still number one)
Miami @ Atlanta- Atlanta Falcons (“Ryan to Gonzo for the TD” will be said at least twice)
Denver @ Cincinnati- Cincinnati Bengals (The Bengals will win on a field goal by Sir Chad Ochocinco)
Minnesota @ Cleveland- Minnesota Vikings (AP will run for more yds than Brett Favre will throw.
Jacksonville @ Indianapolis- Indianapolis Colts (Reggie Wayne will receive for more yards than all of the Jacksonville wideouts)
Deroit @ New Orleans- New Orleans Saints (Drew Brees will surpass his season passing yard total in this game alone)
Dallas @ Tampa Bay- Dallas Cowboys (Jessica Simpson will show up to the game just to jinx Tony Romo. It will work, but Marion Barber will save the day)
Philadelphia @ Carolina- Philadelphia Eagles (Mike Vick will score. Twice.)
Kansas City @ Baltimore- Baltimore Ravens (Ray Rice will lead the Ravens in receiving yards)
New York Jets @ Houston Texans- Houston Texans (Mark Sanchez will throw 2 scores…for the Texans)
Washington @ New York Giants- New York Giants (Jason Campbell will have to get off his butt 5 times)
San Francisco @ Arizona- Arizona Cardinals (Larry Fitzgerald will dominate. Well duh.)
St. Louis @ Seattle- Seattle Seahawks (Its going to be a rainy game and Aaron Curry will be next in the line of great rookie linebackers: Demeco Ryans, Patrick Willis, Jerod Mayo, and now Aaron Curry)
Chicago @ Green Bay- Green Bay Packers (Ryan Grant will return to his 2007 form and will rush for 150 yards and a TD)
San Diego @ Oakland- San Diego Chargers (After this game the NFL institute a mercy rule)
Buffalo @ New England- New England Patriots (The Patriots will win, but Brady will be a bit rusty, and the game will be more dramtic than most would think)

Here it is. My predictions. Have a good week one, and GO RAVENS!


  • TEN vs. PIT: TEN*
  • MIA vs. ATL: MIA*
  • DEN vs. CIN: CIN
  • MIN vs. CLE: MIN
  • JAX vs. IND: IND
  • DET vs. NO: NO, obviously
  • DAL vs. TB: DAL
  • PHI vs. CAR: PHI
  • KC vs. BAL: BAL
  • NYJ vs. HOU: HOU
  • WAS vs. NYG: WAS*
  • SF vs. ARZ: ARZ
  • STL vs. SEA: SEA
  • CHI vs. GB: GB

We’ll keep track of the records as the year goes on, like Casey said.  The asterisks (*) show the games where we don’t agree.