Week 2 Predictions


After week one I (Casey) have a relatively slim lead over Joe in the season’s predictions. Heading into week two, we have more information, and are poised to have our predictions made. So for all of the week two games, Joe and I are here to tell you who will be victorous. Once again, don’t be shy, submit your predictions as well.

Casey’s Week 2 Predictions

CAR @ ATL- Atlanta Falcons ( The Falcons will cruise on the back of Matt Ryan and the newly potent pass attack of the Falcons.)

MIN @ DET- Minnesota Vikings ( Is this even fair? Honestly, AP vs. anyone is hardly fair, but when its against the lowly Lions? C’mon.)

CIN @ GB- Green Bay Packers ( About Ochocinco doing a Lambeau Leap if he scores, I think that it would be hilarious, but he may get brutally beaten by fans and drowned in beer.)

HOU @ TEN- Tennessee Titans ( Matt Shaub will leave this game hurt. I guarentee it.)

OAK @ KC- Oakland Raiders ( Kansas City is bad. Oakland is bad. I flipped a coin. Apparently Oakland is going to win.)

NE @ NYJ- New England Patriots ( Tom Brady will shake off any rust he may still have and expose the NY Jets’ defense for what it really is; a bad imitation of the Baltimore Ravens D.)

NO @ PHI- Philadelphia Eagles ( If the Saints had a better defense, I would pick them to absolutley dominate the McNabb-less Eagles. However, the Saints will be outscored due to the fact that they simply aren’t well rounded enough)

STL @ WAS- Washington Redskins ( St. Louis will kepp this intersesting through the 2nd quarter, and then it will all unravel and they will lose by some boring score like 17- 13. Don’t TiVo this.)

ARI @ JAX- Jacksonville Jaguars ( Beware of the Super Bowl Loser Curse. It is upon the Cardinals and they will play sub .500 ball this year, and Larry Fitzgerald will  subcum to the Madden Curse as Troy Polamalu already has.)

TAM @ BUF- Buffalo Bills ( The Bills will bounce back from their heart breaking loss to their divison rivals, the Patriots. T.O. will catch his first TD as a Bill and Tampa Bay will realize that their passing game is atrocious.)

SEA @ SF- Seattle Seahawks ( I have the Seahawks winning the NFC West, and the 49ers are not about to stand in their way. I know its only week 2, but Seattle needs to establish their dominance early.)

PIT @ CHI- Pittsburgh Steelers ( In a battle of the meanest defense, the Steelers will squeeze one out against a tough minded defense. Bottom Line: The Steelers have the personel, and coaching to not miss Polamalu too much. The Bears have lost 2/3 of their starting LB corps.)

BAL @ SD- Baltimore Ravens ( The Ravens will return to their usual style of smash mouth football, and it will yield results as the Ravens come out of San Diego with a big W.)

CLE @ DEN- Denver Broncos ( Remember, that coin flip I did for the Raiders against the Chiefs. Yeah, The Broncos called heads, and it was indeed heads. Broncos win, thanks to Mr. Easy Decsion Maker Penny Face.)

NYG @ DAL- Dallas Cowboys ( The Cowboys defense will do just enough to let Romo and the three backs in Dallas to barely get past division rival, Giants. I had to pick an upset, sorry.)

IND @ MIA- Indianapolis Colts ( The Dolphins will crumble under Peyton Manning’s awesomeness, and his DSRL skillz. Bow down Mr. Parcells. Bow down.)


  • CAR-ATL: Atlanta with a BIG win.
  • MIN-DET: Minnesota. Peterson blows up, again.
  • CIN-GB: Green Bay.
  • HOU-TEN: Tennessee.
  • OAK-KC: Kansas City*. I was burned by Oakland in Week 1, and I have to admit that KC looked good last week.
  • NE-NYJ: New England.
  • NO-PHI: Toughest game of the week. Gotta go with the Eagles.
  • STL-WAS: Washington.
  • ARI-JAX: Jacksonville.
  • TAM-BUF: Tampa Bay*. The Bills go 0-2 and TO starts to complain…
  • SEA-SF: Seattle.
  • PIT-CHI: Pittsburgh. I hate that word.
  • BAL-SD: Baltimore. Hopefully.
  • CLE-DEN: Denver. 
  • NYG-DAL: The New York Football Giants*. Eli Manning throws for 71 TDs. Or not.  But they still win.
  • IND-MIA: Indianapolis.

(* indicates disagreements)