Week 2 Impressions


I like this format for game recaps, because I get tired of the normal, blabby prose-style reviews of games, and think it’s better to give some nice, short points.  Let me know if you prefer the long, boring style.

  • I said this during the live blog, and I’ll say it again.  Joe Flacco looks like a legitimate NFL QB.  Not just his arm and his poise, but just the way he stands in the pocket and the way he throws the ball. Last year he often looked uneasy, like the freshman who is starting on the Varsity team.  This year, he looks confident, strong and determined.
  • Lardarius Webb is all over the field, just like in preseason, and I think that he needs to be on the field to make some more plays. He downed a punt inside the 5, and deflected a few long balls from Rivers. With that said, he was too small to be a real threat against the towers San Diego has receiving, but look for him in the future. 
  • Ray Lewis got the love from Ravens fans for winning the game, and then from the nation, and was a trending topic on Twitter.  Speaking of…
  • Ravens was finally a trending topic on Twitter.  I was the catalyst behind it in week 1, but it never trended.  Those of you who follow me know that this may have been my proudest moment on Twitter ever.
  • Domonique Foxworth was struggling at times, but did make a very key play that will go unnoticed. He jumped over the back of Vincent Jackson and swatted a ball away that would have been at least a 20 yard gain, and if Jackson broke it, the game would have been in the favor of the Chargers.  He ripped himself after the game, but he made up for many mistakes with one big play.
  • The offensive line was brilliant again.  Right now, this is the group I’m most impressed with. They’ve given Flacco lots of time, and have opened up great holes for Ray Rice and Willis McGahee.  
  • Darren Sproles was a monster.  He only ran for 26 yards, but in the receiving game he was unstoppable.  The defense needs to improve their tackling, as that is the reason why he broke such big gains.
  • Frank Walker is constantly getting ripped on by the fans and the media, but he definitely saved the game.  Not a maybe play, like Foxworth’s, but he batted the ball away from Vincent Jackson’s hands. In the end zone.  I thought he would then do something egotistical, knowing his style, but he put his head down and ran right back to the defense.  Great play in crunchtime.
  • Willis McGahee is running and catching so well, as is Ray Rice. Excitement surrounds this offense for the first time.  Like real, NFL-wide excitement, not just Ravens fans being happy that they can gain more than 20 yards on one play.  This offense is a real threat.
  • Player of the game on offense: Joe Flacco. On defense: Dawan Landry. On Special Teams: Sam Koch, Lardarius Webb.

Next week: vs Browns.  Easy win.