What A Day For Ravens Fans


Ravens 34, Browns 3.

What a nice win yesterday.  This is the first time in Ravens history that the team has scored 30 points in 3 consecutive victories, and I bet it’s also the first time in Ravens history that a QB has had a QB rating over 95 in 3 consecutive games (95.8, 96.6, 111.6).  After two games of allowing too many points, and allowing the other teams’ QBs to make the secondary look silly, the defense really pulled it together.  Four interceptions, only 186 total yards of offense allowed, and only giving up 34 yards on the longest play of the game.  They really needed to prove to the fans, and the rest of the NFL, that they’re still the feared Ravens defense of years past.

The offensive line continued to be incredible, allowing only one sack.  Now, I didn’t watch the whole game (only the 4th quarter), but they looked just as good as they’ve been the past two weeks.  Willis McGahee is having a killer season so far.  While some may say “all he’s done is score touchdowns, he doesn’t actually run for a lot of yards”, touchdowns win ball games.  The other head of the two-headed and sometimes three-headed monster, Ray Rice, may not have had the most inspiring numbers (11 carries, 48 yards), but he scored a touchdown and had 4 receptions for 27 yards.  Combined, McGahee, Rice and McClain gained 178 yards of offense, and paired with Joe Flacco’s 342 passing yards, that’s not a bad day for the offense.

Ben-Gals 23, Stinkers 20.

The day just kept getting better in Baltimore.  The Pittsburgh Stinkers vomited up a 20-9 lead to lose to the perennial laughingstock of the AFC North (well, one of them).  The Stinkers were so bad, that the Bengals failed to convert two 2-point conversions, just like a mediocre high school team, and they still lost.  After immortal kicker Jeff Reed missed another field goal, the bad-smelling fans of the city that everyone calls a Pitt on scoreboards want to get Matt Stover, especially because his miss again cost them the game.

Lions 19, Redskins 13

Now I’m not sure which came first chronologically, but the day got even better.  Hard to believe, huh.  What could be better than a huge Ravens win over the Poo Stains (real mature, huh?) and a Stinkers loss to the Ben-Gals?  Well, there is one thing.  A Redskins loss.  Yeah, they lose all the time, what’s the big deal?  Well, the big deal is that they lost to the worst team in NFL history, a team that hadn’t won a game since December 2007.  Yes, the Redskins lost to the Detroit Friggin’ Lions.  If you look at it in a different way though, the ‘Skins really provided Lions fans with a lot of hope and inspiration.

What a nice Sunday.  Check back tomorrow for some announcements about two contests, and the award that EbonyBird.com has been nominated for.