Week 4 Predictions


It is week 4 of the 2009 NFL season and thus here is the week 4 edition of Joe and my picks. The matchups are difficult this week and Joe and I are here to help you put your money in the right spot. Will the Ravens assert their newfound offensive dominance on the Pats? Will Favre survive against the Pack? Read on and get our perspectives on the big games Sunday and the biggest on Monday.

Casey’s Picks

BAL @ NE- Baltimore Ravens (Our defense will return to form and harrass Tom Brady and the Patriot’s lack of a running game will allow the Ravens to blitz a lot more. Flacco will be consistent, and do well enough for our runningbacks to control the clock, and ulitmately the game.)

TB @ WAS- Washington Redskins (Tampa Bay is really bad on offense. The Redskins are really bad on offense. This game comes down to defense and ST, and the Deadskins get the edge, and get to keep a morsel of dignity after falling to the Detroit Lions.)

TEN @ JAX- Tennessee Titans (This team is too good to go 0-4, and the Jaguars are not going to stand in their way. MJD and Chris Johnson rack up the numbers, but the Titans come out of Jacksonville with their first W.)

OAK @ HOU- Houston Texans (I have picked the Raiders a lot this year. I was wrong, and I will start being right this week. Slaton breaks out.)

DET @ CHI- Chicago Bears (The Lions aren’t good enough to win two in a row yet. THe Bears are good. The Lions still stink. Bears win easily.)

SEA @ IND- Indianapolis Colts (In Edgerrin James’ return to Indy he will carry the ball once for 3 yards, and the Colts led by the emerging duo of Manning to Garcon, will remain undefeated and send the Seahawks back home empty handed.)

NYG @ KC- New York Giants (No explanation needed.)

NYJ @ NO- New Orleans Saints (This is one of the best games of the week. A rising D in NY vs. a resillient O in NO. Defense wins championships, but the Saints have Drew Brees.)

CIN @ CLE- Cincinnati Bengals (The Browns are the new Lions. Let’s start counting down to 16 losses, shall we?)

BUF @ MIA- Miami Dolphins (The return of Marshawn Lynch will actually hurt the Bills as a desperate Miami team stays alive at home.)

DAL @ DEN- Dallas Cowboys (Denver is a lot worse than their record suggests. All will be revealed against their first tough opponent.)

STL @ SF- San Francisco 49ers (Honsestly, the Rams suck, and the 49ers are good. Easy pick. I want to see STL vs. CLE.)

SD @ PIT- Pittsburgh Steelers (This was a tough pick. I want the Steelers to win. (No you don’t, Casey) I don’t want the reason that the Ravens win the AFC North to be because the Steelers lost a few games because they didn’t have Polamalu. When we play them I want the divsion race to be close, and then I want to shut the door on them.)

GB @ MIN- Green Bay Packers (Long live Aaron Rodgers!)

Joe’s Picks

I’m going to be really boring and just list the teams that will win. And get them all correct.

  1. BAL
  2. WAS
  3. JAX*
  4. HOU
  5. CHI
  6. IND
  7. NYG
  8. NO
  9. CIN
  10. BUF*
  11. DAL
  12. PIT
  13. MIN*